Date.                           Tournament                   Prize & Results   &. Score sheets.

21st May 2017             42nd Bebington              Results.

15 May 2016                41st  Bebington               Results and score combined.     

17 May 2015.               40th Bebington.              Results.                Scores.

18 May 2014.               39th Bebington               Results.                Scores.

19 May 2013                38th Bebington.              Results.                Scores.

20 May 2012.               37th Bebington.              Results.                Scores.

15 May 2011.                36th Bebington.              Results.                Scores.

16 May 2010.               35th Bebington.              Results.                Scores.

17 May 2009               34th Bebington.               Results.                Scores.

18 May 2008.              33rd Bebington.               Results.                Scores.

20 May 2007.             32nd Bebington.               Results.                Scores.

21st May 2006.           22rd Bebington.               Results.                 Scores

15 May 2005               30th Bebington.               Results.                Scores.


16 May 2004 29th Bebington   Open.                 Results.                Scores.

18 May 2003 28th Bebington Open.                    Results.               Scores.      

19 May 2002 27th Bebington Open.                    Results.               Scores.

20 May 2001 26th Bebington Open.                  not avail.              Scores.

14 May 2000 25th Bebington  Open.                  Results.                Scores.

17 May 1998 23rd Annual Open                          Results.

11 May 1997 22nd Annual Open                          Results.

19 May 199 21st Annual Open                             Results.  

21 May 1995 20th Annual Open                          Results.

15 May 1994 19th Annual Open                          Results.


16 May 1993 18th Annual Open Tournament.                      Results

17 May 1992 17th Annual Open Tournament                       Results

19 May 1991 16th Annual Open Tournament.                      Results

13 May 1990 15th Annual Open Tournament.                      Results

14 May 1989 14th Annual Open Tournament                       Results

15 May 1988 13th Annual Open Tournament.                      Results

17 May 1987 12th Annual Open St.George Tournament.     Results

11 May 1986 11th Annual Open St.George Tournament.      Results

19 May 1985 10th Annual Open St.George Tournament.     Results

20 May 1984 9th Annual Open St.George Tournament.      Results


15 May 1983    8th Annual Open Tournament.         Results

17 May 1981     17th Annual Open Tournament.        Results

20 April 1980 6th Annual Open Tournament.          Results

29 April 1979  5th Annual Open Tournament.          Results

14 January 1979 3rd Indoor Tournament.                  Results

15 January 1978 2nd Indoor Tournament.                  Results

24 April 1977 3rd Annual St. George Tournament.    Results

16 January 1977 1st Indoor Tournament.                    Results

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