Handicap League and Competition Results

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Outdoor Championships + Result also class awards

Individual Trophy Winners

Indoor Championships + Results plus Individual Trophy Winners

Awards and classifications.

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National handicap sheme.

The National Handicap Scheme is awarded by the club to a club member who achieves the greatest handicap improvement over a calendar year.  The holder of the medal usually wears it on Club Target days.  Club Records Officers keep a record of each round shot and therefore any scores achieved at tournaments outside the club, must be submitted to the club Records Officer.  A list of handicap improvement winners is published by Archery GB annually. The medal is loaned to the club and owned by Archery GB.

Portsmouth .

Outdoor Classifications.

Classification  (Grand Master Bowman being the highest level).

Grand Master Bowman

Master Bowman

Junior Master Bowman


Junior Bowman

1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class

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